“Bernt and Jillian were the saviors of our Marketing Cloud onboarding/migration project. Their expertise and knowledge not only helped with the set up and execution of the platform, but they also made extremely helpful (and proactive)  suggestions along the way that helped us think about the project in different ways—especially when we encountered integration problems with our other digital platforms. Bernt and Jillian also exceed our already high expectations on being available when and where we needed them. Their flexibility ensured a smooth collaboration with our internal teams. All this combined with their professionalism, ability to translate highly complex details into non-technical terms, and ability to hit extremely tight deadlines has made us excited to extend our relationship with Bear Grove Consulting beyond the initial project!”

December 2018

Melody F.

Marketing Director


“It has been a pleasure working with Bernt on projects ranging from Marketing Cloud to Salesforce CRM to Pardot. He has efficiently tackled each one of the projects we set out for him, and he consistently tests his work before delivering it to us. In every way we are very happy with Bernt’s services. He goes above and beyond the call to alert us to unseen issues, and make us aware of beneficial opportunities that we weren’t considering. He also makes optimal use of his hours spent and moves fast. He should be viewed as far more than just a Salesforce services vendor - Bernt is a partner who can help you actualize your business’s goals within the Salesforce ecosystem of apps.”

November 2018

Ryan D.

Senior Partner, Head of Strategy


“Galileo began working with Bernt after experiencing challenges in working with an enterprise level Marketing Cloud implementer. Our pain points with a large global firm were high costs, a lack of personalization, and receiving inconsistent and unreliable support services. With Bernt, our expectations for customized and efficient support far surpassed what we could have anticipated. Bernt and his team asked smart, collaborative and creative questions to understand our unique business and marketing needs. As a result our email marketing campaigns immediately grew more personalized and targeted, while increasing our (very small but mighty) teams' efficiencies and bandwidth. Bernt is more than a trusted partner in marketing technologies, I consider him an additional member of our in-house marketing team.”

October 2018

Lisa W.

Marketing Manager


“The beGlammed team thoroughly enjoyed working with Bernt and his agency to help us migrate our CRM and optimize our Salesforce drip campaigns. Bernt did his due diligence to learn about our business and we enjoyed his personable, positive and inquisitive demeanor. He proactively came to the table on a weekly basis with new ideas and creative solutions to improve our campaigns – to the point where we had email open rates close to 50%.”

September 2018

James B.

Senior Director of Marketing & Business Development


“Bernt was a lifesaver! With his vast knowledge and expertise he was able to take a horrible situation and turn it around for us. He was able to suggest not only fixes but improvements and ways to strengthen efficiencies. He was patient in training us, professional in working with our team and instrumental to our continued success. We will always call on Bernt for our Salesforce and Marketing Cloud technical needs.”

September 2018

David A.

Interim VP of Marketing & Communications